Here’s a training course for Heads of Departments, Managers and Supervisors on how to help staff to manage stress when working remotely after and during the coronavirus outbreak by restructuring there training needs analysis.


Maintaining work and lifestyle balance


It is usually the role of the human resources department to implement training in-house, but many businesses and workplaces are now requesting that their employees work remotely where possible to minimise in-person interactions during the coronavirus outbreak.


The idea of working from home can be a huge challenge for some people, which can lead to higher levels of stress and worry. We have looked at how we can support managers by showing them how to create a training needs analysis and action plan to support their workforce and help staff members to manage their wellbeing, workload, stress, isolation and motivation during this unprecedented time.


Part One:- A training needs analysis is a process to identify where skill gaps exist in your organisation. Sometimes it gets called a training needs assessment or a skills gap assessment. 

Part Two:- With increasing costs of health care, a shrinking workforce, increase in remote workers and  aging workers, a savvy organisation understands the value in supporting workers to improve their conditioning and to live a fitter lifestyle. This section of the course includes all aspects of designing or upgrading a program, from concept through implementation, to review

Developing a Training Needs Analysis for Managers & Remote Workers Wellbeing

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